ATLAS Thermal Binocular

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The ATLAS Thermal Binocular is the perfect tool for serious wildlife enthusiasts, observers, hunters, photographers, and search and rescue professionals.  Choose either the 25mm lens or the 50mm lens units.

Detect and witness various creatures in their natural habitat. Whether hiding in the bush, in the trees, or in a field at lengthy distance ATLAS gives you the superior edge in the outdoors.

ATLAS is the first commercially available thermal binocular based on 12-micron technology. Lightweight and fully waterproof, the N-Vision Optics ATLAS Thermal Binocular is extremely robust and capable. Constructed with durable composite plastics, ATLAS delivers a high-resolution thermal image with extended detection, recognition, and identification ranges in even the most challenging conditions.

The long-lasting battery life makes ATLAS the ideal tool for outdoorsmen who demand nothing but the best equipment in the field.

Atlas standard kit contains: Atlas thermal binocular, hard carrying case, image download cable, neck strap, lens cleaning paper, quick reference guide and batteries.



Detection Resolution 640 x 480
Detection Pitch 12 µm
Lens 25mm or 50mm, F1.2 Germanium Lens
Spectral Response 7.5 - 13.5 µm
Refresh Rate 9Hz or 60Hz
Image Capture Internal Memory
Field of View 9x7 degrees (50mm) or 18x14 degrees (25mm)
Detection Range 2,250m (50mm) or 1,025m (25mm)
Waterproof Rating IP67
Batteries CR123 (3)
Video Output USB and Analog