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EXFIL® Ballistic Helmet with Wilcox Shroud

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The EXFIL® Ballistic features a hybrid composite shell with unique geometry for increased strength and optimal fit. An innovative, boltless CAM FIT™ retention quickly adjusts to individual head shapes, providing a comfortable and stable fit. A Zorbium® foam liner protects against impact and allows for an overhead communications headband. Customizable fit is achieved through a set of moveable comfort pads. The EXFIL® rail 2.0 accessory mounting system is compatible with all EXFIL® accessories and features T-slots for custom mounting. A lanyard compatible Wilcox® shroud secures any standard NVG mount.

  • Boltless CAM FIT™ Retention System
    • Utilizes Boa® Closure System for optimized stability and fit
    • The CAM FIT™ Retention System comes standard with the side release buckle on the left side of the face for Right Eye Dominant shooters. It is also available in a Left Eye Dominant (LED) option that moves the buckle to the right side of the face for left eye dominant shooters.
  • Zorbium® Foam Liner
    • 16 customizable comfort pads in 2 thicknesses
    • Removable center pad to easily accommodate overhead comms
    • Replacement comfort pads available for purchase
  • Rail 2.0 Accessory Mounting System
    • Compatible with all EXFIL® Rail 2.0 Accessories
    • Includes two MAGPUL MOE® picatinny style rails and mounting hardware
    • Two T-Slots for DIY custom mounting
    • Includes shock cord kit for stabilizing NVG
  • Shroud
    • 3 hole Wilcox® W shroud
    • Lightweight aerospace grade aluminum mount interface
    • Compatible with Wilcox® NVG lanyard
    • Compatible with most standardized NVG mount baseplates


Ballistic Performance

NIJ Level IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0106.01 / 0108.01)

Fragment Performance

Fragment Performance: 17gr V50 ≥ 2400 ft/sec (731 m/s)

Backface Deformation

9mm (1400fps) BFD: <25mm all locations (front/back/crown/sides) exposed to high temp/humidity, solar, low temperature, altitude, sea water, and salt fog

Blunt Impact Performance

Exceeds current ACH Blunt Impact Protection requirements (per AR/PD 10-02)- average below 70G across all impacts and temperatures


* Complete system weight includes helmet shell, accessory rails, impact liner and retention system

SIZE 1 (M-L) 2.6 lbs (1.18 kg) 1.75 lbs (0.79 kg)
SIZE 2 (XL) 2.75 lbs (1.25 kg) 1.8 lbs (0.84 kg)