IR-PATROL® Thermal Monocular

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 The IR-PATROL® Thermal Monocular is the world's best priced, 640x480 military grade monocular that combines a high quality BAE thermal core with advanced miniaturized electronics in a rugged, user friendly housing to bring users a next level thermal detection device. Military, First Responders, and Sportsmen all have a need to see in the dark, but with limited budgets, quality products are typically Out of reach. The new IR-Patrol thermal monocular solves this problem, as Trijicon has developed one of the most affordable, high resolution, thermal night vision devices on the market.

Performance, Durability and Affordability - Whether you are protecting our borders, searching for a lost child, or eradicating groups of feral hogs, operators need high resolution thermal images in a small robust device. The IR-Patrol thermal monocular is a game changer for the night vision industry. 

The IR-Patrol features an advanced user interface with a military grade thumb stick that is the perfect size - no more searching for buttons in the dark. With the monocular's ergonomic design, users can take advantage of all the functionality. including the menu system that is engineered to be intuitive and efficient to operate.

Quality, Quality and Quality - The IR-Patrol was designed for military applications at a consumer affordable price point. All the components inside the IR Patrol are the highest quality. The BAE Systems long wave infrared (LWIR) uncooled, 60Hz thermal core, combined with Emagin's OLED, 10,000:1contrast VGA display, and our housings are made from 6061 aircraft aluminum. These are the highest quality system components available. All made in the USA,





REAP-IR Avantages
640 MicroIR Thermal Sensor
60hz Super Fast Image
DCE - Digital Contrast Enhance
Sharper Image Quality
MOA Accuracy - Turret Knobs
Built-in Laser Rail
Thumb Stick Control
Military Spec Construction

Standard Features
Wilcox Shoe Interface*
Ruggedized System
Polarity and Zoom Modes
Weapon Mountable*
Helmet Mountable*
Image Capture*
100% Made in USA
3 Year Warranty

* On select models only.

Sensor Type
Uncooled VOx (Vanadium Oxide)

Thermal Sensitivity

Sensor Resolution
640 x 480

Sensor Pitch
12um Micron

Frame Rate
60hz M250 / M300W
30hz LE100 / LE100C

Spectral Response
8-12 um

Display Type

Display Resolution
640x480 Pixels

Basic Features
E-Zoom, Polarity, DFC

Advanced Features
DCE - Digital Contrast Enhancement
Edge Detection Mode

Start Up Time
>4 Seconds

Video Output
Analog RS-170 (with Optional Cable)

Battery Type
1 each CR123 3 volt
2 each with extender adapter

Battery Life
1 - 1.5 hours @ 60hz
1 - 2 hours @30hz
2 - 3.5 hours @60hz
2 - 5 hours @30hz

Helmet Mount
Used with Model M250 and M300W
Part no. IRDMNT-9974

Weapon Mount
Used with Model M300W
Part no. IRDMNT-9971

454 grams

5.95" L x 2.0" H x 2.95" W

-6 / +4

Eye Relief
27 mm

-40c to +55c Operating
-45c to +75c Storage