L4 Series NVG Skull Lock with Integrated Shroud, Team Wendy Harness

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The Skull Lock™ Head Mount features Team Wendy's Cam Fit™ Suspension System along with Wilcox’s Breakaway feature. This allows the mount to break away from the head mount under a stressed conditions or the operator can choose to lock the mount into place when the breakaway mode is not required. The Skull Lock™ Head Mount fully integrates with the complete L4 line of NVG Mounts. The system offers seven points of quick adjustment points for proper fit and comfort. The NVG mount features a tilt adjustment, for/aft and vertical adjustments that ensures proper eye alignment of the NVG.

The system also features a weight storage basket on the back that will hold a shot bag to provide NVG weight distribution that provides outstanding control support and comfort even while on the move. A button allows the operator to flip the NVG’s up out of the way into a low profile stowed position and a magnetic switch on the mount facilitates in the NVG’s auto off function. To prevent the loss of NVG’s Wilcox’s NVG lanyard is included with the system.


    • Maintains a Very Low Profile Stance on the Helmet
    • Flat Matte Finish for Covertness in Combat Conditions „
    • Thousands of Mounts of this Type Fielded to Date „
    • Combat Proven by the US Special Operations Community and Domestic Law Enforcement Personnel „
    • Design Approach Cuts Down on Logistics and Overall System Cost
      • Several adjustment points provide for the operators fit and comfort.
      • Rear adjustment knob tightens the head mount for a quick modification to the fit.
      • Wilcox’s NVG Lanyard prevents loss of NVG’s.
      • A weight storage basket stores a shot bag to provide NVG weight distribution.
      • L4 series NVG interface plate fits Wilcox L4 series NVG mounts, Norotos AKA-2 and Cadex 643-93C NVG mounts.
      • Weight - 10.8 oz
      • Material - Light Weight,Aerospace Grade Metal Mount With Nylon Webbing & High Strength Polymer 
      • Accommodates NVG Suite - AN/PVS-7A, 7C, 15 or 18