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HEL-STAR 6® GEN III+ Helmet Mounted Light

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The CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6® Gen III+ is the latest of HEL-STAR® marker lights designed specifically for airborne, MFF, and ground tactical operations. Gen III+ has all of the features of the Gen III in an updated, streamlined package. Available in tan or black.

HEL-STAR 6® Gen III+ continues to provide up to four user-defined functions in two selectable operating modes in virtually any combination of white, green, blue, red, or IR, with varied options of steady and flash rates (including Morse Code & NATO Flash).

Field reprogramming option is available upon request. Requires the purchase of a Programming Interface Module (PIM).

We will custom program any combination of options for you at no charge when you call and ask for it. 

Key Features:

  • Tactile Operation - Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved hand, while the helmet is donned. Provides an easy confirmation of mode status without the need for visual or vibration confirmation.
  • Multiple Settings - Programmed with four defined functions in choices of white, green, blue, red, or IR, with varied options of steady and flash rates (including Morse Code & NATO Flash).
  • Operating Extremes - HEL-STAR 6® Gen III+ is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet).

With advanced electronics, HEL-STAR 6®  provides vast omni-directional visibility over other methods of marking and identifying law enforcement personnel such as reflective IR patches.

The compact sleek design includes integrated tie downs and an easy battery change. Sliding switches enhance tactile feel providing positive, intuitive control between the two operating modes and four user-defined functions.

HEL-STAR 6®  is configured specifically to support evolving law enforcement needs and applications. Field reprogramming is available with the purchase of a Program Interface Module (PIM).

The current featured marker light functions are Green Flash, Red Flash, IR Flash DIM and, IR Steady.

  • Green Flash can be used to identify admin personnel or mark a support position, in addition to keeping team members out of restricted areas.
  • Red Flash can be used by downed personnel to indicate they are in need of medical attention allowing RFT teams to easily ID them on approach.
  • Red/Green Flash can also be used to label different teams in open areas such as woods or parks and provide personnel with valuable real-time TOC intelligence.
  • IR Flash DIM is designed to mark elements without giving off the bright signature that can be picked up by others using NODS or security cameras to detect IR.
  • IR Steady provides easy team tracking using NODS, sniper NV overwatch or overhead helicopter cameras.
  • HEL-STAR 6® LE Tactical offers law enforcement a unique personnel marker light that can be utilized during training and on the field. It affords users the critical ability to mark and identify team members while increasing overall safety and situational awareness.

Independent testing has confirmed that the HEL-STAR 6®  exceeds the FAA’s 3 statute mile visibility requirement and is shock and vibration resistant, dust proof, and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet).

Other operating colors, flash patterns and intensity level are available. Please contact us for assistance in determining the best configuration for your operational needs.

NTOA member tested and recommended.

***This product is export controlled and cannot be purchased by non-U.S. persons, sold, or exported outside of the USA. Export of this product is regulated by the U.S. Department of State in accordance with the guidance of "International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)" per Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130.***

HEL-STAR 6® Gen III+ Advantages:

  • Safety - The unique battery access design provides a curved profile on all sides, minimizing snag hazard. Velcro® attachment provides emergency peel-away from helmet to reduce potential for snag-related injury.
  • Versatility - Up to four user-defined functions are available in a range of visible colors and IR signals, either flashing, coded or steady.
  • Visibility - Omni-directional. Intensities can be scaled up or down for special requirements. White flashing exceeds FAA 3-statute mile requirements.
  • Simple, Secure Operation - Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved-hand, in the blind, with helmet donned. Mode selection switch design options provide operational flexibility or strong security between overt and covert operations.
  • Operating Extremes - HEL-STAR 6® is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet).
  • Status Confirmation - Switch design provides visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and operating status with no guesswork; visual confirmation prevents inadvertent battery discharge in the IR operating mode.
  • Easy Battery Replacement - the single CR123 cell can be replaced in the field, quickly without special tools.
  • Field Reprogramming - Color, flash rate, and lightly intensity can be reprogrammed with a wireless handheld device (PIM). A default feature returns the unit back to original factory settings.