Photonis Defense

Photonis Defense provides state of the art technologies and products pertaining to power tubes, microwave traveling wave tubes, night vision and digital vision solutions to the markets we serve. Our products can be found across the globe and are used by the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Energy. Some of our products are also used by federal, state and local agencies and a selection of our innovative night and digital vision technologies are available to the commercial market. 

Photonis Defense image intensifier tubes are the world’s best selling tubes for night vision use. We supply 68% of of the world’s market for image intensifier tubes for a reason – first tier military forces rely upon and trust Photonis Defense to satisfy their mission critical needs under dynamic lighting conditions.

Our image intensifier tubes enable you to see 30% more of the light spectrum from below 400nm to above 1000nm while delivering exceptional contrast and superior clarity at all light levels. See what Photonis Defense can do for you.

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