CuddeLink is not cell service or Wi-Fi.  CuddeLink is a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows the cameras to communicate with each other.  CuddeLink transmits images from remote cameras to a home image collection camera.  CuddeLink networks can have from 1 to 23 remote cameras.  Start with a few and add more cameras as you need them.  Typical transmission range in a dense forest is ¼ to ½ mile.  In open spaces CuddeLink has camera-to-camera range to over 1 mile.  Like all wireless systems transmission range will vary with terrain and conditions.  CuddeLink automatically daisy-chains cameras to extend range to over 4 miles, making CuddeLink deployable on properties of hundreds to thousands of acres.  There is no monthly fee to collect images on the Home camera.

See Cuddeback website for more details.