L4 G22 Mount Extended Travel Helmet Mount

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The L4 G22 mount is a variant of the extremely popular L4 G24. The L4 G22 features a dovetail interface for direct attachment of standard dovetail NVG’s. It is one of the most adjustable mounts available with full vertical, fore/aft, and tilt adjustment to place NVG’s in proper position. Its main difference over the L4 G24 is Increased length of travel for the horizontal adjustment, giving the L4 G22 a total of 1.4″ (approx 1/3″ more than the L4 G24). This added length helps to better accommodate shooters wearing protective or corrective eye-wear and gas masks.

    • Lock Release Lever allows NVG height to be easily adjusted up or down, then secured.
    • A Breakaway Release Lever allows the operator to easily set the desirable mode (breakaway or locked), depending upon operational needs.
    • An ergonomically placed Flip Release Button allows the Mount to “flip up” to a stowed position when the goggle is attached.
    • A Tilt Adjustment Knob allows the operator to fine adjust the tilt angle of the NVG.
    • A Mount Release Lever allows attachment and removal of the mount.
    • A Fore/Aft Release Lever allows for fore/aft travel of the goggle. Releasing the lever allows the operator to set the fore/aft position of the goggle.
    • An ergonomically placed NVG Release Button allows for one handed release of the NVG.
    • A Three Hole Shroud with Lanyard fits MICH/ACH and Crye Airframe style helmets.
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