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MOD Armory J-Arm Adapter for InfiRay Mini MH25

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The MOD Armory J Arm Adapter attaches to the iRay Mini MH25 and allows the operator to mount the device to a helmet mount like the Wilcox L4 G24, or similar. With a MIL-SPEC J Arm, operators only have an option of the bayonet interface, limiting helmet mount choices. Available in both bayonet and dovetail, this friction set mount allows for fast, easy, travel from left to right eye, and back again.

iRay MH25 MOD Armory J Arm Adapter in Dovetail or Bayonet Specifications:

  • Material Construction Type III anodized, Light Weight, Aerospace Grade Metals, and High Wear Resistant Delrin
  • Accommodates the iRay
  • Friction setting allows easy travel (Left or Right Eye) without having to adjust a knob
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.


Please call with any questions regarding mounting options.