PVS-14 Helmet/Weapon Mount Shoe

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The Wilcox 61313G01 Helmet/Weapon Mount Interface Shoe for the AN/PVS-14 utilizes the same dovetail shoe interface as seen on Wilcox's weapon flip mounts, this shoe transitions seamlessly from helmet to weapon. This durable lightweight, aluminum, hard coated interface shoe easily integrate with the Wilcox line of NVG Mounting Systems and the metal construction facilitates in the operation of the NVG’s on/off feature allowing you to adapt your AN/PVS-14 Monocular to the Wilcox Dovetail Interface System.

    • Accommodates: AN/PVS-14 
    • Metal construction facilitates operation of the NVGs automatic on-off feature 
    • Transitions seamlessly from helmet to weapon 
    • Right and Left Eye Capability
    • Fits in Folding Arm and Fixed Arm 
    • Made in the USA
    • Dovetail