Ambush Shooting Rest Kit (includes Bipod & Reaper Grip)

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The Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest Kit’s breakthrough design provides a rock-solid solution to fighting fatigue and ensures a precise shot while inside your deer blind. The Ambush dramatically improves shooting stability, especially when you’re burnin’ with buck fever by securing your rifle to the interior of your hunting stand window or wall. Using the included 7-10” bipod, the Ambush’s arm securely grips to the blind’s wall, supporting your firearm. Locking in place, the Ambush places your rifle in the perfect shooting position above the blind’s window ledge. The Ambush Rifle Rest Kit also features a camera thread adapter that allows you to mount a Reaper Grip Rest or Reaper Rail System.

Included in the Ambush Shooting Rest Kit is the premium Reaper Grip shooting rest for the absolute best stabilizing gun rest on the market. Reaper’s curved grip anchors rifles to the bottom of the rest while the specially designed grip pivots to stabilize both tapered, straight stocks and chassis. The Reaper Grip’s patent-pending hinge block rotates and has a tilt range of 109 degrees (21 degrees up and 87 down.) This fully patented rifle mount combined with a quality, full-sized head mount gives shooters, especially young hunters and hunters with disabilities, the confidence and support needed to take a precision shot when it matters most. Remain hands-free at the ready and free up valuable space in your blind with the Ambush Shooting Rest Kit.

  • SKU: KJ85005K
  • Mounts to blind's window ledge
  • Improves stability and accuracy
  • Easily movable and mobile
  • Kit includes Reaper Grip, Ambush Assembly and 7-10” Bipod
  • 3/8”-16 mounting hole and camera adapter
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Patented design
 Dimensions 12.24 x 4.17 x 11.9 in / 311 x 106 x 302 mm
Vise Width Range 1.57 -2.78 in / 40 -71 mm
Pan Rotation Angle 360° (Reaper Grip)
Vertical Rotation Angle 109° Total Range - 87° Down, 21° Up
Mounting Placed on ledge
Ambush Material Aluminum
Weight 4.25 lbs / 1688 g
Kit Includes Reaper Grip, Ambush Assembly, Bipod