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HEL-STAR 4 EXO® Dual Function Helmet Mounted Light

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The Core Survival HEL-STAR 4 EXO® offers high visibility, durability, waterproofing, and easy battery replacement in a low profile, snag free footprint. The two operating functions can be user defined in a variety of colors & IR, flash rates and light intensity options. It stays true to the original low profile design for SAR, airborne, K9 and other confined space operations.

As a personnel marker light developed for multiple military and tactical operations, it retains the original low-profile design required by users. The Velcro® interface provides an emergency peel-away safety feature thus reducing potential interference with parachute risers. User friendly tactile sliding switches can be easily operated with a gloved-hand in the blind while the helmet is donned. The HEL-STAR 4 EXO’s built-in security design features a quick switch deactivation, along with a positive confirmation that the unit is OFF to prevent inadvertent battery drain. For additional peace of mind, users have both a positive visual and tactile confirmation when moving between the ON/OFF and function modes.

The HEL-STAR 4 EXO® two-function tactical light for MFF/Airborne, SAR, K-9 and other tactical operations features include: 

  • Tactile Operation - Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved hand, in the blind, with the helmet donned.
  • Flexible & Secure - The HEL-STAR 4 EXO® marker light can easily flex and conform to mount where you need it. Perfect for space constraints and for K-9 applications.
  • Operating Extremes - is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and open sea waterproof to 66 fsw.

The HEL-STAR 4 EXO® is available in 13 models (see Models Table for function colors.

***This product is export controlled and cannot be purchased by non-U.S. persons, sold, or exported outside of the USA. Export of this product is regulated by the U.S. Department of State in accordance with the guidance of "International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)" per Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130.***

An enhanced feature of the HEL-STAR 4 EXO® is its optional field reprogrammable capability which requires only the Program Interface Module (PIM) and access to a laptop. This unique option allows users to easily reprogram their lights to suit changing operational needs while in the field. The White and Green functions both meet FAA 3-statute mile requirements and the new LED element gives users significantly improved lateral visibility and overall brightness, increasing situational awareness and safety. The field-replaceable lithium 123 battery (no tools needed) provides longevity in extreme temperature conditions. The HEL-STAR 4 EXO® has been waterproof tested to 66 feet for underwater operations.

The Velcro® attachment provides reliable mounting with a built-in breakaway feature in case the device is hit by a foreign object or a parachute riser. Two detented sliding switches provide ON/OFF The CR123 lithium battery is field-replaceable and affords long life and excellent cold temperature operation. HEL-STAR 4EXO ® was designed for easy operation with gloved hands in the blind.

  • Safety - Velcro interface provides an emergency peel-away feature—reducing potential for injury caused by interference with parachute risers.

  • Security - Positive visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and function status. One touch turns the unit OFF. Positive confirmation of OFF avoids inadvertent ON status in the IR mode.  

  • Versatility - Three operating functions are provided with a choice of white, green or IR signals—flashing or steady. The electronics/battery compartment is waterproof to at least 16 feet.  

  • Simplicity - The tactile sliding switches can be operated with a gloved-hand in the blind with the helmet donned.  

  • Long Life / Extreme Conditions - Powered by a field-replaceable lithium 123 cell for long life and excellent cold temperature operation.

  • Waterproof - Designed for waterproof operation to 66 feet sea water.

  • Visibility—White flash meets FAA 3-statute mile requirements; redesigned LED element provides full 180 degree side-visibility. 

  • Field Reprogramming Capability—Available as an option. Requires Program Interface Module (PIM) and access to a laptop.


 Model Function M-1 Function M-2
HS-402X Green (Steady) IR (Flash)
HS-403X White (Flash) Green (Steady)
HS-404X White (Flash) IR (Flash)
HS-405X Green (Steady) + White (Flash) Green (Steady)
HS-406X IR (Flash) (IR (Steady)
HS-407X White (Steady) IR (Flash)
HS-408X Green (Steady) Red (Steady)
HS-410X White (Steady) Red (Steady)
HS-411X Red (Flash) IR (Steady)
HS-412X White (Steady) Green (Steady)
HS-413X Green (Flash) Red (Flash)
HS-417X IR (Flash) IR (Flash/Dim)
HS-418X White (Flash) Blue (Steady)