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HEL-STAR Attach Patch

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The CORE Survival® HSR-Series Attach Patch® provides a variety of attachment means for the HEL-STAR 6® or HEL-STAR to a helmet shell, cover, MOLLE gear, or other equipment to improve security and prevent loss. In all variations, the HEL-STAR 6 or is secured to the top surface of the Attach Patch with a Velcro interface and a closed-looped bungee.

Available models include:

  • HSR-201 Series - This version is provided with peel-n-stick VHB (very-high-bond) self-adhesive for direct mounting to a helmet or a hard surface. Available in black or tan.
  • HSR-203 Series - These Attach Patches are fitted with Velcro hook on the reverse side to mate to Velcro loop material on the cover.  Nylon loops at the top and bottom of the Attach Patch allow it to be tied down to features on the helmet or cover.  The -1 version is provided with 275 cord tie-off. The -2 version with gutted 550 cord tie-off. Available in black or tan.
  • HSR-206 Series - Designed in collaboration with Blue Force Gear, the HEL-STAR MOLLE Attach Patch® allows HEL-STAR 6 Gen III+ or F² to be worn on any type of MOLLE system. The HSR-206-Series is made of the patented Helium Whisper® technology, the revolutionary MOLLE attachment system that combines a single-piece back panel design with an ultra-light, extremely durable high-performance laminate. Available in coyote brown or black.
  • Other variations of the HSR Series Attach Patch have been designed to adapt the HEL-STAR 6® for secure mounting to flat surfaces, vehicles, K-9 harnesses, parachute rigs, and Velcro buckle/straps for attaching to an arm or leg.