Precision Rings

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ZEISS Precision Rings are ultralight 1913 Mil-Std, STANAG-compliant rings manufactured to the highest of standards, from premium materials, and with tight tolerances for your long-term safety and field applications.  Available in 30, 34 and 36 mm sizes in various heights, they are designed for optimal long-range shooting solutions and allow for either right- or left-handed operations as well as eye dominance.  The bubble level is easily viewed from the shooting position, creating no disturbance in your shooting position.  A smarter, sleeker, and ultra light weight ring design for all heavy-duty hunting and shooting applications.

Ring height measurements are determined from top of mounting rail to center line of ring's base.  See Specifications page for sizes and heights to help you find the best option for your set up.

● Bubble Level - Integral anti-cant bubble level in top half of ring.

● Ultralight - Approximately 4.4 oz. with screws (set 30 mm low).

● Refined Design - Compact and refined design, with low-profile, non-snagging hardware.  Type 303 stainless steel top cap screws - with black oxide finish.  Hard case included, with both T15 and T25 Torx® driver bits.

● Durable Material - 7075-T6 aluminum, Mil-Std, Type III, 30-micron hard anodized finish - matte black.

● Recoil Lug - Integral bottom recoil lug for best alignment and a secure zero under the harshest recoil.

● Micro-radiused - Micro-radiused on all machined leading edges to ensure a non-marring design.

Diameter Height Material
30 mm  LOW (.850"/21.6mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
30 mm MEDIUM (1.0"/25.4mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
30 mm HIGH (1.18"/30mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
30 mm X-HIGH (1.375"/34.9mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
30 mm XX-HIGH (1.5"/38.1mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
34 mm LOW (1.0"/25.4mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
34 mm MEDIUM (1.125"/28.5mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
34 mm HIGH (1.375"/34.9mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
34 mm X-HIGH (1.5"/38.1mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
36 mm MEDIUM (1.06"/27mm) Aluminum 7075-T6
36 mm HIGH (1.22"/31mm) Aluminum 7075-T6

Note: Ring height measurements are determined from top of mounting rail to center line of ring's base.