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Tac Leg

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Tac Leg (sold as a single leg)

Featuring our threaded leg system, Tac legs fit our Javelin bipods, as well as the Sentinel and Ascent tripods, and are available in black and grey in Standard and Long sizes. At the press of a button you can adjust the length to set up your shot in any scenario. Made from 7000 series aluminium and high-quality multi-layer carbon fibre, Tac Legs have tungsten carbide feet with removable rubber boots that provide a secure, non-slip platform no matter what the environment. 

  • Spring-loaded ratchet-style legs so hunters can quickly adjust the bipod's height
  • Rubber and tungsten carbide feet for grip in different environments
  • Compatible with Javelin bipods, as well as Sentinel and Ascent tripods
Standard Long
Weight (per leg) 66 g / 2.3 oz 76 g / 2.6 oz
Ground Clearance 18cm - 23cm / 7" - 9" 22.5cm - 31cm / 9" - 12"