IPS14 Battery Pack

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Revolutionize the way you power your thermal and night vision optics with the Pulsar IPS7 and IPS14 rechargeable Battery Packs.  These interchangeable battery packs provide fast and easily accessible battery while hunting or surveying with an operating time of up to 10 hours.  The IPS14 Battery Pack is designed to significantly extend self-contained operating time of the Pulsar digital and thermal devices.  It is compatible with all Pulsar Trail, Helion and Accolade thermal devices and the Digisight Ultra digital NV riflescopes.

Power supply
Battery type Li-ion
Rated capacity (Ampere-hour rating), Ah 12.8
Charge voltage, V 5
Rated output voltage, V 3.7
Rated charge current, A 1.3
Operating charge current, A <2
Operating time (with Helion), hour 21 - 26
Size & Weight
Dimensions, mm 73x47x50
Weight, oz 8.4