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Jerry C5 Thermal Attachment

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InfiRay Jerry-C5 Clip-On Thermal Imager

To make up for the limited performance of the low light level and low illumination night vision devices under the extreme environment, Jerry-C is a thermal imaging enhancement attachment designed for the rapid upgrade, front-fusion, and the multi-mode display of equipment in service.  It can enhance the user's night perception ability to ensure the absolute tactical advantages to properly identify the potential targets.  Jerry-C Clip-On Thermal Imager has removable wide-angle HD lens and multiple display modes to deliver better environment sensing performance with your night vision monocular or binocular.

  • Low loading, fast installing — Ultra-light weight pendant for fast front mounting.
  • Fusion display, fast recognition —  Direct fitting fusion without adjustment, various modes to improve the recognition effect.
  • Multiple power supply — Multiple types of batteries, external power supply.
Sensor Resolution 640 x 512
Sensor Pixel Pitch 12 µm
Spectral Band 8 ~ 14 µm
Lens Focal Length f 11.52
FOV 30.5°
Display Mode White Hot, Highlight, Outline
Display Functions Normally-on, Breathing
Brightness Adjustment Support
Auto Brightness Support
Shutter Correction Support
Contrast Adjustment Support
Threshold Adjustment Support
Menu Rollover Support
External Power Supply DC 3-12V
Internal Power Supply CR123A\18650\AA
Data RS232
Video PAL
Operating Temp -40°C - +60°C
IP Grade IP67
Weight 110 grams