Nighthunter H35 Lite Gen II

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Steiner Nighthunter H35 Lite Gen II Thermal Handheld

Hunt through the night with the Steiner Nighthunter H35 Lite Gen II Thermal Handheld, delivering exceptional performance on the darkest of nights with crisp, clear images in a durable and reliable thermal optic.

Powered by Quantum Vision™ technology, the Nighthunter H35 Lite Gen II signifies the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge features, beginning with the finest thermal sensor available. Experience a new level of clarity and precision with the state-of-the-art display, ensuring that every detail is vividly captured. The advanced software development enhances overall performance, providing you with a seamless and efficient thermal imaging experience.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Nighthunter H35 Lite Gen II streamlines usability, allowing you to navigate its features effortlessly. Embrace the legendary Steiner ruggedness, ensuring durability and reliability on the coldest and harshest nights.


  • Exceptional Optical Performance - Quantum Vision
  • Rugged Durability - Designed to operate in all conditions
  • Legendary Steiner Makron housing
  • Improved design and weight
  • Easy to Use - Manual Objective Focus
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life - Rechargeable Internal Battery 
  • Internal Recording - Push of a Button
  • Mobile App - Optional Control and Recording 
  • Functional carrier bag
  • Wrist band and shoulder strap included
  • Exceptional Optic Performance — The Nighthunter H35 Lite Gen II delivers on the darkest of nights with crisp, clear images in a reliable thermal optic.
  • Rugged Durability —  Designed to operate in all conditions you might encounter in the field.
  • Quantum Vision — Perfect combination of the state-of-the-art thermal sensor, outstanding display quality and proprietary software.
  • Manual Objective Focus 
Sensor resolution 400 x 300
Sensor pixel pitch 12 µm
NETD ≤40mK
Focal length 35mm F1.0
Field of View @ 100m 7.5° x 5.6°
System magnification 1x - 4x (digital)
Display OLED
Resolution 640 x 400 pixel
Output frame 50 Hz
Max screen size 22 in
Color palettes White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Iron Red, Fire, Amber
Rangefinder None
Focus Manual
Battery 1x 18650
Charging method Multi changeable plugs GB/AU/EU/CN/UL
Adaptor Standard USB power adaptor 5VDC, max 10W
Working time ≥ 7 hrs @ 25° C (only watching)
USB TYPE C (USB 2.0 standard)
Video Interface Micro HDMI
WiFi Support WiFi (APP) communication, realtime data transmission
Optical magnification 2.04 x
Video output format Analog video
Memory capacity 16GB
Working temp 14°F - 122°F
Storage temp -22°F - 140°F
Dimensions 150 x 45 x 75 mm
Weight 350 g
Eyecup Ergonomic
Warranty  2 years