Reaper Rig Accessory Plate (Camera Mount)

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The Reaper Rig is an adapter plate to be used in conjunction with the Reaper Grip that allows you to attach cameras, spotting scopes, flash lights, range finders, etc. to your Reaper Grip. When used in conjunction with a camera ball head or a leveling base(which we offer) you now have the ability to co witness your camera or spotting scope with the optics on your rifle. Now you can film your hunts and guarantee that your camera will always be aiming where you are. It also eliminates the need for extra tripods since the Reaper Grip provides the same range of movement as a camera fluid or ball head. The Rig comes with a 1/4-20 captive stud for mounting standard photography and spotting equipment. The Reaper Rig also has three locations to accept a MagPul MOE 2.5" picatinny rail . The picatinny rail can be mounted either on top or on bottom of the Rig. This gives you the ability to attach one or more flash lights or other devices. The Rig also has two slots to give you a spot to hang your lanyard of calls, remotes, or any other devices with a lanyard.

  • Allows you to co-witness action cameras and spotting scopes with your Reaper Grip
  • Can add Picatinny mount for IR flashlight or laser
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Mounts action camera or spotting scope to Reaper Grip
  • Can add picatinny mount for IR flashlight or laser
 Weight .25 lbs / 120 g
Material Aluminum
Dimensions 4.87 x 2.7 x .23 in / 124 x 68 x 6 mm