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ILR-1200-1 Laser Rangefinder for BOLT

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ILR-1200-1 Laser Rangefinder Module for BOLT Series

The InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1200-1 Infrared Laser Rangefinding Module seamlessly integrates with BOLT V2 and BOLT SE Series thermal rifle scopes through a wireless connection. This advanced module eliminates the need for guesswork in range estimation, offering precise results day or night. With a range accuracy of +/- 1 yard out to 1,200 yards*, the ILR-1200-1 overlays these results on the display of a connected BOLT Series rifle scope.

Featuring a compact and ultra-lightweight aluminum housing, the module is securely mounted with an intuitive QD (Quick Detach) 30mm clamp mount ensuring ease of use, even when wearing gloves. Elevate your range estimation capabilities with the InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1200-1, enhancing the performance of your BOLT Series thermal rifle scope.

CAUTION - This product is a Class 3R Laser Product. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

*Range performance depends on the target being measured and environmental conditions.

  • Wireless Connectivity - Wireless connection to BOLT and BOLT SE series scopes.
  • 1,200 Yard Detection Range - The powerful infrared laser can measure the range of objects over a half mile away.
  • Interchangeable Battery - The ILR-1200-1 uses a single rechargeable 3.7V RCR123 battery. A Nitecore USB-micro rechargeable battery is included.
  • Rugged Aluminum Construction - Lightweight, machined 6061 aluminum construction with an anodized finish provides maximum strength with minimal weight.
  • Simplified Controls - Accessible power button. All other controls are in the optic software.
  • 30mm Clamp Mount - Quickly and easily mounts to the BOLT scope.
Detection Range 1,200 yds
Housing Material 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Mounting Interface 30mm Clamp Mount
Compatibility BOLT Series
Power Source 3.7V RCR123
Weight 6.5 oz
Degree of Protection IP67