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PD-PRO-16B Binocular NVG

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PD-PRO-16B Night Vision Binocular

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The Photonis Defense PD-PRO-16B is the lightest and smallest binocular night vision device on the market. Designed from the ground up around the Photonis 4G 16mm tube, the PD-PRO-16B takes full advantage of all the capabilities of its 18mm cousin and demonstrates outstanding performance across the full spectrum of mission-critical needs.

Strong, environmentally resistant, and logically designed, the PD-PRO-16B sets a new standard for performance in a much more compact package. Every component incorporated into the device is designed to maximize the systems 4G performance. An aerospace metal alloy housing makes it environmentally resistant to an electromagnetic pulse, extreme heat, cold, and salt. Each PD-PRO device is water-resistant to industry-leading levels; specialized objective lenses using German proprietary optical coatings take advantage of the full spectrum capability of the image intensifier tube. A long-lasting battery extends your operational use well beyond current standards.

The PD-PRO-16B is what operators have been asking for but unable to get with a standard 18mm system.

The PD-PRO-16B is only available in the United States from Photonis Defense and authorized distributors.

Basic Kit Includes: PD-PRO-16B goggle, soft carry bag, daylight safe lens caps, eyecups, sacrificial filters, AA battery, lens cleaning device, custom storage case, quick start guide, access to digital operators manual. *Note: Dive variant only, tested to 2-hour/20-meter US MIL-STD-810G requirement. The standard variant is submersible to 10 meters. Please note that salt water restrictions apply to the magnesium PD-PRO-16B variant. 

The PD-PRO-16B meets all mission critical needs in an extremely small and lightweight package.

The military grade quality and craftsmanship is also a favorite of hunters and outdoorsmen.

*Comparison based on the average of available 18mm monocular systems.

  • 25% smaller
  • Features a Photonis 4G 16mm tube
  • Available with white or green phosphor
  • Available only in the US
Horizontal FOV 41°
Vertical FOV 40°
Focus Range 7.9 inches to infinity
Spectral Sensitivity below 400nm to above 1,000nm
Tube Type Auto-Gated Photonis 4G 16mm
Battery Life 20 hours @ 72°F (21°C) w/ lithium battery
Operating Temp -60°F to +131°F (-51°C to +55°C)
Weight <17.2 oz (<490 grams) w/ internal battery
Submersible 10 meters (Submersible version available tested to 2 hours/20 meters)
Battery 1 AA
Phosphor Options White and Green
Color Options Black, FDE, ODG
Materials Aluminum and Magnesium