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Zorbium® Action Pad (ZAP™) Liner System

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Team Wendy Zorbium® Action Pad Liner System

The Zorbium® Action Pad (ZAP™) 7-Pad NSN Liner System is the standard issue system authorized for use in all United States Army, United States Marine Corps and United States Navy ground combat helmets. The ZAP™ system is compatible with ACH, LWH, MICH and ECH ballistic helmets. 

The set includes seven ZAP™ pads (3/4" or 1" thick):

  • One (1) Circular Crown Pad (NSN 8470-01-546-9415)
  • Two (2) Trapezoid Pads (NSN 8470-01-546-9407)
  • Four (4) Oblong Pads (NSN 8470-01-546-9356)

VELCRO® brand hook disks not included.

Comfort Pad Cleaning Instructions:

  • Remove pad(s) from helmet and hand wash with mild soap
  • Air dry completely and then reinstall pad(s) into your helmet