CORE Survival

A chance conversation at an Air Force meeting in the early 2000s established the need for a special helmet light for PJ’s. Follow on collaboration with a helmet manufacturer and active duty users led to the first helmet mounted light that was a low profile, snag-free, break-away lighting solution for High Altitude High Opening/ High Altitude Low Opening (HAHO/HALO) parachute helmets.

The initial requirement expanded to other tailored needs within the broader SOF community, where we were fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to users, and offer new solutions to address old problems. This high level of capability has allowed the products to grow beyond their military freefall origins to a wide range of users and applications.

Our products include:

  • Hel-Star Helmet Beacons and HALO equipment
  • Swat Team IR and visible markers
  • Jump Beacons
  • K9 Markers - visible colors and IR